Kami-So Skatewear

Skate Like an Angel

Figure Skating Apparel manufacturer

Kami-So ice skating apparel and skatewear

Express yourself through fashion and leave the competition behind. Kami-So Ice Skating apparel and Skatewear brings you a line of premium figure skating apparel with a touch of world fashion. Inspired by French, Japanese and Italian designers we bring you a line of Kami-So ice skating apparel and skatewear so fine and unique and comfortable that you will not want to wear anything else.

Quality and materials

Kami-So Ice Skating apparel and Skatewear uses only the highest quality materials and premium quality stones in our craft. With years of experience in fashion and design our outfits make a statement on the ice. Comfort is very important when you train, that is why we made our outfits very gentle on the skin and designed them in such a unique way that they will fit almost any figure.